School of Continuing Education (SCE) was established in April 2009, as a union of three affiliated schools: School of Online Learning, School of Adult Education, and School of Vocational Study. SCE enjoys superior advantages of Jiao Tong's academic strengths, picturesque campus environment and the latest information technology. It maintains “Quality is the lifeline of education” and sticks to the strategy of striving to develop non-degree training programs while maintaining degree education programs. SCE keeps its commitment to motivate, energize and promote individuals and organizations in all walks of life toward their best.

    SCE dedicated to providing non-degree training services for enterprises, institutions and schools. More than 3000 people have been trained in a variety of fields including finance and investment, business management, government performance management, overseas study preparation, etc. The trainees are from different walks of life with the majority being government officials and enterprise executives. SCE also maintains a stable connection with overseas universities and non governmental organizations, including MIT, Oxford and McGIll. It has received visiting groups of university faculty, master-degree and doctoral candidates, MBA students and undergraduates. SCE aims to expand its service all across China and into foreign countries. A market-oriented, multi-level, multi-mode and multi-target system has been established in the center which, with its standardized management and culture-driven force, is on its way to build itself into a training organization of worldwide fame and reputation. ADDRESS: 205 Main Building,No535 Fahuazhen Road, Changning District, Shanghai   Copy right   © School of continuing education, ShanghaiJiaotong University. All rights reserved.