Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) was founded in 1896. It is one of the oldest and strongest comprehensive universities of China. Since the reform and opening up policy in China, SJTU has taken the lead in management reform of institutions for higher education, regaining its vigor and vitality with an unprecedented momentum of growth. SJTU includes five beautiful campuses, Xuhui, Minhang, Luwan, Qibao, and Fahua, taking up an area of about 3,225,833 m2. It has 28 schools (departments), 63 undergraduate programs, 250 masters-degree programs, 203 Ph.D. programs, 28 post-doctorate programs, and 11 state key laboratories and national engineering research centers. Its total enrollment of students amounts to 35,929, of which 1,564 are international students. There are 16,116undergraduates, and 17,563 masters and Ph.D. candidates. After more than a century of operation, Jiao Tong University has inherited the old tradition of "high starting points, solid foundation, strict requirements and extensive practice." SJTU boasts a large number of famous scientists and professors, including 35 academics of the Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, 95 accredited professors and chair professors of the "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" and more than 2,000 professors and associate professors. Famous alumni include Jiang Zemin, Lu Dingyi, Ding Guangen, Wang Daohan, Qian Xuesen, Wu Wenjun, Zou Taofen, Mao Yisheng, Cai Er, Huang Yanpei, Shao Lizi, Wang An and many more. ADDRESS: 205 Main Building,No535 Fahuazhen Road, Changning District, Shanghai   Copy right   © School of continuing education, ShanghaiJiaotong University. All rights reserved.